Teen Wolf and Sterek. Derek, Stiles, and Allison. Sometimes Isaac, Cora, and Erica.

I write way too many Sterek fanfics that are way too long. I just have a lot of Sterek feels, and Stiles and Derek have set up shop in my head.

Tyler Hoechlin, Dylan O'Brien, and Holland Roden.

Harry Potter, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Torchwood/Doctor Who, Supernatural, Boardwalk Empire.

Slasher. Working on a Ph.D. in Medieval Literature and Old English. English Teacher. Loves to work out, trying to become a consistent runner. Obsessed with shoes and fashion.
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Oh Christmas Wolf, Oh Christmas Wolf - x

de-stress doodle while listening to Frozen’s Let It Go

tries to spread some fluffy happy goodness around ; 7; <3 ~

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And if there’s no tomorrow and all we have is here and now
I’m happy just to have you

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-Whaaaaaaaaaa Derek?!

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Sure, why not? Thank you for such pleasant words :3

BTW, thanks everyone for support! Requests are close now, I have several more to do, but I’ll open them as soon as I deal with all my problems irl.

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ph86518wolf replied to your post: literaryoblivion asked:1. You are…

I think you and my friend would hit off. Except she likes a different Hale.



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Sheriff “You’re gonna need a bigger gun.” Stilinski 

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literaryoblivion:  1. You are trying to move to Boston with your sister and are saving up money. 2. Which means you have like 5 jobs, one of which is on a farm, and one where you are an usher. 3. Your love for Tyler Hoechlin knows no bounds. 4. You are getting a PhD in Medieval Literature. 5. You are a really awesome writer and love AUs.

wow, i’m impressed with how much you listen when i talk lolol :D




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seraphica replied to your post: my students are going to be the death …

o_O I would never e-mail a prof for notes. I would e-mail if I missed class simply as an apology.

YEAH, and that’s totally okay! like, for those of you who are students, i’m not a total bitch, and neither are your professors (mostly). i have great students, and i try to work with them. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTT

there is a line, you know? bw “sure, i understand you have a life and stuff happens” and “um, you’ve missed over half the class and you don’t turn in anything how do you think you are going to pass?”

i told the notes girl that she could come talk to me for like 10-15 min abt the text we’re reading, but i’m not giving her the notes bc that is her responsibility. 

the things my students e-mail me with…i’m just like, um…i would never have done that in college. i had one student send me a draft of a paper. i looked it over, and sent it back. she sent it BACK to me. i mean, i don’t mind reading drafts, but i also don’t have the time to read and continuously “grade” students’ essays over and over again. and she was really rude about it, came to my office like 3 times with “have you read my paper? have you read my paper?” like, i read it once, it’s not MY job to write the paper.

my advice: don’t be that student that makes your professor want to throw things against the wall. your professors will appreciate it if you don’t make their life a living hell. :DD lol

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The Mccall Pack + minimalist

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