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Teen Wolf AU: When Satomi visits Beacon Hills to forge an alliance between her pack and Derek’s, Derek fears that she will propose to strengthen the bond by having him marry one of her daughters. The obvious solution to prevent this from happening is pretending to date someone else. Stiles, being the only single member of his pack, is the obvious choice. It has nothing at all to do with Derek secretly being hopelessly in love with him anyway. Right?

(Also Derek is a dumbass for thinking that Stiles isn’t pining for him, Scott is concerned for his best friend’s well-being, and Satomi is an all-around badass who totally sees through their bluff - also, seriously Derek, arranged marriages are so last century why the fuck did you even think she’s consider that option -  but drops enough hints for Derek to finally act on his feelings so that everyone goes home happy.)

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Sterek Week: Tuesday: Color Me Sterek

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Sterek AU | in which the sheriff finds Derek sleeping in Stiles’s bed… with Stiles…
The original idea was another one but I couldn’t make it u_u

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