Um, I have neither read nor written fox!Stiles before, but I tried! And it was fun! I hope you like this, lovely anon person!


The ground was bathed in silver-blue light from the full moon, making slipping around logs and under branches easier. Not that Stiles needed the light, but it still helped. Derek’s black form was visible in the distance, running gracefully through the woods, howling every few seconds when he stopped and threw his head back.

Stiles didn’t try to keep up with him. He just bounced along happily, rolling around in leaves and chasing toads and chipmunks when he found them. Derek’s sporadic howls and growls were a comfort as Stiles followed along at his own pace.

Derek’s howls grew nearer as Stiles made his way through the forest. He was trotting towards the overlook when he spotted a small mouse in his periphery, and with quick efficiency, Stiles darted towards it, pouncing and killing it swiftly. He took the small rodent between his teeth as he hurried towards Derek.

Derek was sitting on his haunches at the edge of the cliff, staring out at the valley below. Stiles padded up beside him and dropped the rodent in front of him. Derek glanced down at it, then turned to look at Stiles with red eyes. He leaned forward and nuzzled against Stiles’ small face with his muzzle, and Stiles nipped at his nose playfully. Derek swatted at him with his large paw, but Stiles was quick and wily and dodged it easily, and then pressed his tiny body against Derek’s side. He felt Derek make a content low growl as he lay down, head resting on his paws. Stiles curled up against his side, wrapping his bushy tail around Derek’s thinner one. Derek moved as he surrounded Stiles’ small body with his larger one, and he licked along Stiles’ fur a few times before settling down and falling asleep.

When Stiles woke up, the sun was coming up in the distance, bathing the small clearing in golden light. He was naked but not as cold as he should have been, mainly because of the large wall of heat behind him and the warm limbs circling him. Stiles yawned, and Derek shifted behind him, holding him tighter when Stiles tried to get up.

“A few more minutes,” Derek mumbled against his ear.

“Okay,” Stiles said, reaching behind him to pat Derek’s messy hair as Derek pressed a kiss against his shoulder and then nuzzled his face into his neck. Stiles smiled to himself as he settled back into Derek’s arms.

The mornings after the full moons were always his favorite.


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